About Westcan (Our Story) 

Westcan Power Services Ltd. was first incorporated in July of 2016 by Curtis Jensen.

Before branching out on his own, Curtis spent many years at Schneider Electric. Curtis spent his summers from 2001- 2006 at Schneider as a summer student while he pursued and eventually received his Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Calgary. Curtis worked full time as a field Engineer for Schneider Electric until 2011. Curtis moved on to SMP Engineering until the spring of 2014. It was in 2014 that Curtis became one of the original principals of Enerphase Solutions in YYC. Curtis was a huge part of building Enerphase Solutions and is still one of the reasons for that company’s success to date. Eventually, as interests and motives differed, it was time for a change. In 2016, Curtis Jensen, as an individual entrepreneur, started a small company called Westcan Solar and Heat.  Passionate about renewable energy and eager to discover what potential the greener technologies market could provide for his business, Curtis began to design, and install the very first net zero solar solution for his first client. That system is still operating today and produces a net profit year after year for that client. After a few years of growing his new renewable energy business, it was time to grow. Having many years of experience in field services and design engineering before creating his new company, the natural progression was to reintroduce these services and offer them to clients. Curtis’ young company grew quickly, and he needed to recruit some help.  That help came with the addition of Scott Riczu in 2019.  

Scott and Curtis first met at Schneider Electric in 2007 where Scott first started his journey in field service.

Before Schneider, Scott worked as a journeyman electrician for both Acutech Electric and Canem Systems in Calgary. Scott worked as a field service technician with Schneider Electric until 2012 before moving on to the University of Calgary’s Electrical Utilities Department where he achieved his Power Systems Electrician and C.Tech certifications in 2017. After achieving his PSE Scott went to work for ENMAX from 2017-2019 when Curtis reached out. Scott took the leap and joined what was now called Westcan Solar and Light. With two name changes already in the books, it was time to change it again, and expand the company’s offerings. With the addition of Scott as an owner,  and a new field services department, it was only fitting that the company’s new name be Westcan Power Services Ltd. Scott and Curtis rebranded the company with help from Scott’s brother and an amazing marketing team.  Scott built the service department from the ground up. With the combination of his work ethic, determination, and reputation, Westcan’s new field service department grew quickly.  

As proud owners of Westcan Power Services Ltd. Curtis and Scott share one vision.

To provide the most responsive, experienced, and creative field services team in Western Canada. We take ultimate pride in the quality of work that we produce and believe that this attitude is reflected in our efforts every day. Very few field service companies in Canada can match the invaluable experience that the Westcan Power Services team has, and we are proud to provide this experience to our clients.  

Thank you for reading about our company and how we became what we are today. We hope you found this content useful. Click here to contact us and to see how we can help with your electrical needs. 

The Team at Westcan Power Services