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Westcan is a full-service solar provider

We can design and install Off Grid systems with battery backup and grid tie systems with net metering. We provide site review, system design, grant application completion, installation and a one year follow up. We have installed systems for agriculture, commercial and residential customers.
full-service solar provider

Our services include:

  • Grid Tied Solar Design
  • Specification Development
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Ballasted Design and Installation
  • Rodent Guarding
  • Residential Installations
  • Agricultural Installations
  • Commercial Installations
  • Institutional Installations
  • Off Grid Systems
  • RV Systems
  • Emergency Critical Systems
  • System Maintenance
  • Solar Upgrading & Expansions
  • Roof mount/ground mount installations
  • String inverter/Micro inverter installations
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5 simple steps to go solar

  1. Consultation and preliminary system design
  2. Quotation review and Agreement
  3. Applicable Permits and Installation
  4. New Utility Meter installation and system Energization
  5. Application for Government rebate
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